Welcome to Janie Mae's Place, a delightful store offering homemade treats that will satisfy your cravings and warm your heart. Our specialty is our renowned lemon pound cake, made with love and a secret family recipe. With its moist texture and tangy flavor, it's a timeless classic that will leave you wanting more. In addition to our signature cake, we offer a variety of other irresistible treats, including cheesecake waffle cones & Strawberry banana pudding. Our commitment to using the finest ingredients ensures that every bite is a heavenly experience. We also ensure that everyone can enjoy our delectable goodies. At Janie Mae's Place, we believe in the power of food to create memories and bring people together. Our friendly staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service and assisting you in finding the perfect treat for any occasion. Come and experience the joy of homemade goodness at Janie Mae's Place